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Television Tower

A landmark seen throughout the city, the TV transmitter complex is located on the slopes of Koktyube mount. It reaches a height of 1,000 m above sea level, though the tower itself is only 327 m high. Its capacity is 271 kW with 5 TV and 4 radio channels broadcasting for a range of 80 to 190 kilometers from it. The tower stands on a ferroconcrete foundation which has a three-story sectional basement. The observation deck sits at the height of 146 meters. The tower is crowned with a 114-meter high metal aerial. It is also equipped with two high-speed elevators. The building was designed for its mountainous site and can survive maximum seismic up to a magnitude of 10. The Tower was constructed to resist 10 point Richter scale earthquakes. But you are unlikely to check it because inside excursions are not allowed.
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