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Mukhtar Auezov (1897-1961)

Auezov Muhtar Omarhanovich – the great writer, known in many countries. Auezov was born on September 28, in 1897 in Chingiz volost (nowadays Abai region).

Auezov’s family was kindred with Abai Kunanbaev’s family. Mukhtar’s grandfather Auez was a friend and admirer of Abai’s creativity. Mukhtar Auezov got his education at Russian school, teacher's seminary, at philological faculty of the Leningrad (St.-Petersburg) university, in postgraduate study of the Central Asian University.

The first and earliest Auezov’s work was the play "Enlik-Kebek" based on the national legend about tragical destiny of two young people, dared to put the feelings above patrimonial conflicts. The plot is similar to history about enmity of Montekki and Kapuletti families in Shakespeare's play "Romeo and Juliet". The play "Enlik-Kebek" for the first time was put in yurt of Abai’s wife Aigerim and since then didn’t descend from the Kazakh stage.

The fruitfulness of Auezov’s creativity was expressed in creation of a plenty of stories, narratives, plays, many of them are screened and came widely in theatrical repertoire. The completion of Auezov’s creative researches was found in a novel-epopee "Abai’s Path", consisting of four books.

The first book is the youth of the future poet opening social contradictions and wakening in him the poetic talent, aspiration to serve through songs to the freedom and validity – the source of the beauty.

M. Auezov’s creative heritage is extremely diverse and great. Besides works of art it includes numerous sketches, publicistic articles, scientific researches. The great writer died in 1961.

Auezov - the first collector, the composer and the editor of post revolutionary publications of Abai Kunanbaev’s works, his first scientific biographer and the researcher of the creativity of the great Kazakh poet and thinker.

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