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In this section we list charitable projects that we have considered sound and trustworthy. If you want information about your charity or volunteer project to appear in this section, please contact us at info@expat.kz

Voluntary society of charity

DOM-Voluntary society of charity!

This is a group of like-minded persons, who combine their efforts under the slogan « Help orphans!!!». People of different social status and financial position take an active part in charity actions, they help indigent children not for private gain!!!

This social organization has no registered name and office, but they give real support and do what one can to help- and this is only what actually have great importance!!!



E-Mail: info@detdom.kz
ICQ: 232190237
Cell phone: 8 705 702 33 92

Building Homes in Bishkek and Volunteer Work at the Zarechny Women's Training Center
Habitat for Humanity is an international organization with a mission to eradicate homelessness in the world by building safe, decent and affordable homes for people who otherwise could not afford them. There is currently a project in Bishkek which is looking for volunteers to help build and donations towards the project. A group of students at the Miras School in Almaty are raising funds towards a donation and will travel to Bishkek to volunteer at the work site during the 2002-2003 academic year. The contact for HFH in Bishkek: www.habitat.elcal.kg.

The Zarechny Women's Training Center is a facility purchased by the Zabota Social Fund in 2001. There is a lot of work to be done towards the renovation of the building which will someday provide live-in accomodation for up to 40 women and children for a period of 6-12 months. During this time they will recieve counseling, instruction and life skills and basic vocational training which will help them integrate back into society following life crises such as prison terms or abuse. The project managers are Paul and Narelle Kelvin, and they can be reached at: paulnarelle@pactec.kz.

If you are interested in supporting either of these causes or would like more information, please contact Darlene Oehlke d_oehlke@almaty.miras.kz.

Ellen's Edible Charity
By buying delicious Malaysian cakes listed below you help to train inhabitants of a rehabilitation center in Almaty to make such cakes in the future.

Chocolate Cake 350T; Banana Walnut Loaf 450T; Lemon Poppyseed Cake 400T; Orange Marmalade Cake 400T; Blackcurrant Muffins (a dozen) 350T; Cinnamon Rolls (a dozen) 350T; Oatmeal Cookies (a dozen) 300T.

To order, please call Ellen at 20-43-22.

Russian Orthodox Christian Temple
A new Russian Orthodox Christian temple dedicated to apostles of Slaves Cyril and Methodius is being built in Almaty. The church is in need of volunteer manual labor (especially familiar with masonry), construction materials and funds. If you are interested to help, please contact Father Alexander in English or Russian at 8 290 83061 or 51-74-54.

Temple under construction

Temple under construction

The Blind School for Children
The Blind school No 4 in Almaty was created in 1932. It is made up of about three hundred children between the ages of 7 and 17. 25% of them are totally blind, in other words were born with no eyes or other such deformities, 25 % are severely short sighted and the rest are partially sighted or have progressive degenerative disease which will make them eventually totally blind.

The school is a boarding school and accommodates children from all over Kazakhstan. The children undergo normal schooling as well as some vocational training such as sewing and carpentry but these are very basic. They are taught music and are encouraged to develop their interest and certainly the director does every thing he can to let them follow the career of their choice. At the end of their school career several of them go on to university or college.

The Almaty International Women’s Club (the AIWC) has been supporting them for the last three years. In the last five years the AIWC has bought them music instruments, a computer system with Braille printer for the blind, sewing machines and recently a computer programme, which enables them to use the Internet. Nursat is providing them with 120 hours of free Internet per year.

You can help the school in many different ways. For more information please contact the school directly or the contact person at the AIWC Francis Callaway at franciscallaway2001@yahoo.co.uk. The school is situated on 33 Ladygin Street, Tel No 29 22 11. The director is Nishanov Kadrybek and his home telephone No is 53 05 35.

Vivien Charity Shop
The charity shop “Vivien”, organized and run by the Association of Women Moldir, collects used clothing, shoes, bedding, etc. to sell to raise funds to support vulnerable families. To make your donation please call the shop at 76-36-03 (owner Maira does not speak English). The address is Mikrorayon - 2, building 10a, apt 1. The building is on Zhubanova, 150 m north from Altynsarina, a little off the road. The shop is open daily except Mon and Tue at 10 am - 5 pm.

The Ark Village farm
The Ark Village farm, run by Father Guido and his teenage orphans, is now offering fresh farm goods to the general public. The goals of this village are to educate the children about job responsibilities and to serve as a source of financial support for the orphans and handicapped children housed there. They are currently offering for sale:

Milk: 60 tenge / liter Eggs: 130 tenge / 10 Chicken: 280 tenge / kg Rabbit: 530 tenge / kg Turkey: 1200 tenge each

To purchase your fresh farm goods, please call Father Guido at 8-333-223-3389. Please help support this excellent cause by helping them to become self-sufficient.

“Rock of Ages” Prison Ministry
Our ministry started its work in prisons in January, 2001. We attend several prisons: men's, women's, the so called police, and the youth prison. Last September we started visiting some prisons in Bishkek.

Some churches in the US send us monthly support which is spent on the rent of the apartment for our office, support for two full time workers and their travel expenses in Almaty. On week days we attend prisons and right now we are looking for donations to cover our travel expenses to Bishkek and support for our volunteer in Bishkek. We are planning to rent an apartment for us to stay when we come to Bishkek for actually we are planning to go over there two or three times a month staying there for 4 or 5 days in order to be able to visit several prisons located in the vicinity of Bishkek.

At prisons they ask us for donations to get urgently needed things, e.g., rubber shoes to wear in rainy weather for women at the women's prison. At least 100 pairs of shoes. In the women’s prison there are about 2 thousand women.

We go to prisons on week days, to the women's prison twice a week.

Right now we are looking for donations to get Christian literature (Bibles and New Testaments to get them to the prisoners we attend in Bishkek and around Barnaul in Russia.

Please contact us by e-mail or post, in case you are willing to learn more about the work we are doing in prisons.

Our e-mail address: roakz@yahoo.com or roakz@nursat.kz

Our postal address: P.O.Box # 344 Almaty 480000 Kazakhstan

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